KARMALA CALVIN K (Jag)        WKC Reg. 61657        DOB 22/12/2014

Karmala Brock x Karmala Chanel

Brock x Chanel      click for pedigree



Jag was chosen from ten pups by Jess and Brad Middlebrook’s young daughter because he had a yellow collar, as good a reason as any, I guess, and better than some I’ve heard of! Her choice proved to be an astute one. When Brad and Jess moved back to town life a year or so later it became clear very quickly that Jag wasn’t suited to city life; their neighbour’s chooks were happy when they sold him to their friend Andrew Ardis.

Andrew works on Deepwater Station, and on his way home he called in and showed me his new dog. Jag is most impressive, almost a carbon copy of his sire Brock down to his lovely nature. It was an added bonus that Jag is probably a better dog than his sire, inheriting a bit more strength from Chanel’s sire, Arthur Crumblin’s very good dog Whitehead’s Tracker. Andrew is delighted with the way Jag has matured into a clever mustering dog with plenty of force in the yards. He rang me recently on a high saying he’d just had the best day working sheep in his life, drafting rams off thousands of ewes with Jag!

Anxious to get some pups by him, we mated Vonny (K.Hardy x K.Vie) to him and got a nice first litter of three. Vogue has gone over to WA to Mark Taylor at Kojonup (May’17) where she immediately impressed by rounding up the cat! Vie will be mated to Jag in June ’17.

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