Brock x Lily pups, 2 days
Cash x Cadelles, 4 days
Riana CashII x Karmala Cadelle pups 3 weeks. 8 in litter
Two Brock x Lily pups, b.5/8/15
3 of Lily's girls, 6 weeks
girl, boy, boy(sold)
Cash x Cadelle pups 5 weeks
Concentration! Brock x Lilys
Cash x Cadelles, 5 weeks
Wilson x Brandy pups 6 weeks
Brandy pups meeting the Maremma
Cadelle and Lily pups, Oct.
Brandy and Cadelle pups, Oct.
Cadelle and Lily's
Brandy and Deli pups

Puppies for sale



Bimber whelped last night( Nov. 22) and has 9 pups to Wills. 6 bitches 3 dogs

Probably the last pups by Wills for a while. 

Wills x Bimber

Pups available

3 with white on their faces, all red/tan. Unfortunately the only way to work out where the white is coming from is to mate bitches and the Wills pups are working very well. 

DSC_0367 DSC_0370

Midnight has also whelped to Wills at Calliope(18 Nov.), 3 bitches, 3 dogs, all black/tan    Pups available

Wills x Midnight



Wills x Remy due mid Oct. Remy has 4 dogs, 2 bitches   2 dog pups for sale.

2 of the dog pups have quite a bit of white and will be discounted and not registered if anyone is interested in them. There is another nice black/tan dog pup without white. One bitch pup has a bit of white on her nose too, but is sold. I plan on keeping the red/tan bitch myself. The last litter like this, Wills x Gin Fizz, also had a red/tan girl like this one. She is now working and is a very good young bitch on cattle.

Dr. Deb Maxwell explains the white as follows:

“The irish spotting gene that causes the white neck and points in border collies needs to be homozygous to get that pattern – that is both parents have contributed a Si gene each (pup is SiSi). But these pups show a very typical reduced white pattern caused by only having one gene for irish spotting (Si-). Over 50 years I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of first cross collie x kelpies and many of them have these limited white markings, rather than a full white collar and points.  According to statistics 2 pups will carry the Si gene for irish spotting and 2 won’t (inherited, I assume from Wills based on your other comments). Since Wills and Fizz clearly were not reading the stats books there are 3 pups carrying the Si and one probably isn’t. If so, she won’t pass it on. But I did have some collie x Kelpies and some had very minimal white, so may not be easy to know for sure whether she is a carrier, but odds are that with 3 clearly marked, she is not a carrier.”

DSC_0032  Remy pups

Wills leaves white to some bitches, I haven’t worked out the magic combination yet, unfortunately! And of course something behind the bitch could be to blame as well. The high quality of his pups makes the white pretty unimportant in the greater scheme of things and is cosmetic…. like soft ears and high tail carriage, both of which I dislike….. but I’m breeding working dogs, not show dogs. The only other litter I’ve had with a lot of white was Paddy’s Shadow x Riana DeltaD many years ago. 

I was pleased that Cherry’s big litter in South Africa doesn’t show much white. Shown below cooling off on damp towels in 42′ heat!!

cherry pups jpg


                                      Wills x Bimber(Polo x Fizz) due Nov.19

                                       Wills X Midnight(Chief x Fizz)  due Nov.17

                                        Wills x Lily, late Dec.Hoping for a bitch pup, her last litter.

                                         Wills x Tash ? Tash was on heat for ages this time!

                                          Brock x Heli    Early Jan. (Mated Nov.3)



Photos for your interest only


  WillsxPoppy litter.  

DSC_0140 copy S 

Wills x Wings litter. sold.

DSC_0162 copy









Wills to Heli(Chopper x Lily)

Wills X Heli

Heli whelped on 16/6 and has 5 boys, 2 girls. Litter sold

DSC_1175  20180713_092616


DSC_0088 copy

Wills x Heli pups 6 weeks.  Previous litters of this mating are working well.



DSC_0205s DSC_0200


Wills to Karmala Poppy(ChopperxPeggysue) 

DSC_0747 copyWills x Poppy DSC_1211AA copy


The previous two Wills x Heli matings have been very good. Hoping the Poppy pups will also be great. Not often you get a pedigree with Glenville Swannee on the top of the Homoz. table!

 Whelped July 10    Pops has 7 pups with 5 girls! This is Poppy’s first litter. She’s been away up north working cattle and I don’t have many photos of her.

These two litters have a lot in common genetically. Peggysue’s x K.Glen who is the same breeding as Lily.


Three weeks…good little eaters! One little black/tan bitch is a lot smaller and needs special attention. Free to a very good home. I don’t like selling pups like this. She could turn out fine.




AT LAST! Due August 19.   Wings has been really hard to get in pup and Wills is the only dog she’s tolerated. With a double cross of Wilson these pups will be very interesting.

DSC_0039 copy  Wills x Wings  DSC_0592 copy 

Wings has 5 pups b.Aug.14th   2 dogs, 3 bitches    SOLD




I am getting a few nice Wills, Chopper , Brock and Wilson bitches together. It’s exciting planning the next matings, I must get onto B.A soon and do some prospective pedigrees.

All my present sires, Wills, Hardy and Brock are out of Brandy. I have some interesting dogs in mind: Glendon Max(Glendon Percy x Boanong Electric) is breeding on well. His dam was out of my old Karra.Gift IV by Boanong Buster.

James Green has a nice dog, August Creek Basil, and Charles Williams has Avenpart Aspro, a son of A.Wump.

Interesting dogs…among other old favourites. David Hart’s dogs are often too far away these days. Rodney Garrett at Kandanga has some lovely dogs from those lines, I’ve already used Spy with good results. His dogs are tested in very challenging country.












Karmala Wills x Karmala Gemma mated Jan. 20. Gemma has 7 pups, 2 bitches. All sold

This should be a very good litter and I plan to keep a couple to run on. Gemma is a strong bitch on cattle and Wills is breeding some very nice pups. He’s proving to be a good sire over a number of bitches; pedigrees like his are becoming increasingly rare. I heard some trial blokes had remarked recently that in 10 years the Kelpie wouldn’t be able to cast….well, not while I’m around! I’m happy to take outside bitches to him while he’s home.

DSC_0739 copy                  Wills x gemma        IMG_5991

Last Import - 21 of 103Last Import - 20 of 103Last Import - 32 of 103

Last Import - 52 of 103 Last Import - 45 of 103 Last Import - 39 of 103 copy

June 3 - 19  

Litter sold.



Karmala Neon to Karmala Gin Fizz, mated Jan. 14-15  This should be a good mating too, Neon has left some very strong progeny. Very nice dog, he can work 3 sheep with finesse and cattle with plenty of power.

DSC_0241 copy    Neon x Fizz        DSC_0308copy

Fizz has 7 pups, only 2 girls.  2 Boys available.




This litter should be great on cattle. Neon is Grant Hutching’s tried and proven old boy, a no nonsense dog that will have a crack at anything and do a good job. Fizz is a proven member of Em and Derek’s team, a good bitch on cattle.


Karmala Brock(Akubra x Brandy) to Karmala Bimber(Polo x Fizz) mated Jan. 25.  Bim is a very handy bitch on cattle and stylish on sheep. Brock is a lovely type, great temperament, works sheep and cattle. Brock is leaving some very nice pups.

Bim has 4 pups b.March 28  3 bitches, one dog    SOLD 


20180102_155338         brock x bimber         DSC_0497 copy



Litter sold

Karmala Brock to Karmala Vie mated Jan.26  Vie has 8 pups, 2 bitches, 5 dogs(3 red/tan) 

A really nice litter of friendly, calm pups. Brady for sale.


20180102_155338    Brock x Vie                                 Vie 

Last Import - 89 of 103 Last Import - 85 of 103 Last ImportS - 75 of 103 Last Import - SS62 of 103 copy 2 Last Import - 8 of 103 Last Import - 83 of 103 copy




 Karmala Landy to Karmala Whitney mated Feb.5

    IMG_0481 scopy    Landy x Whitney  IMG_0895                                          

 Whit has a nice first litter of 6, 3 of each. She’s doing a great job with them. 

Last Import - 83 of 145 copy 

June 3AA - 97 copy




Karmala Billy(Larkings’ Wilsonx Karmala Lily) x Pushemup Bing/Lindy(Karrawarra Ben Hall  x Riana Rinnie)   3 bitch pups, 3 dogs .SOLD

Billy       Last Import - 66 of 86

Billy x Lindy

Billy is a young dog showing heaps of natural ability, typical of Wilson’s progeny. Bindi belonged to Vane Walker who says she was a very good bitch on cattle. Her sire is out of the outstanding brood bitch Paddy’s Pearl.

June 3A - 62 copy

DSC_1141 copy



Karmala Hardy x Karmala Tash  5 bitch pups, 2 dogs born May 24

DSCN8335 scopy        DSC_0461 copyTash copy

Hardy x Tash

This is a mating back to old Brandy who was a very good brood bitch. Tash is a beautiful worker on sheep while Hardy has plenty of nice natural work; expecting a nice litter of keen, stylish pups.

1 Bitch pup for sale


Tash pups 7 weeks enjoying some attention



 Karmala Heli(Baldwin’s Chopper x Karmala Lily) was mated to Karmala Wills, Aug. 31, whelped Oct 31, 3f 3m



K.Whip(Milo) WillsxHeli…..working for Sarah Murphy


K.Whitney(Wills x Heli) 9 mths, working for Andrew Martin,both from Heli’s previous litter.


Karmala Vie has been mated to Karmala Wills, due Aug 23, born 21 Aug

Vie has excelled herself with SIX bitch pups and a blue/tan boy! This litter will be mostly filling past orders but there are some black/tan bitches available because most of the orders are for red/tans.

DSC_0326 3 weeks

    4 wks

DSC_0690 DSC_0688

The two cream girls, Isa and Ita, are flying to Dallas, Texas later this month(Nov)



6 weeks


Karmala Tash(Riana Cash II x Karmala Brandy) was mated to Karmala Skipper(Motley’s Russell x Karmala Remy) July 16.

Tash whelped 6 pups to Skip on 20/9/17  3 M 3F  

Skip is a saddleback marked dog like his sire, the pups don’t show this until they get older. 4 pups in this litter will probably be marked like Skip

  IMG_2401 scopy

Skip’s sire Motley’s Russell

Tash is a nice young bitch showing a lot of promise and class. Skip is a very handy young dog working for Ron Robb with plenty of strength on cattle. Video of Karmala Tash on Youtube (Karmkelpies). 


DSC_0396 DSC_0398

DSC_0629 DSC_0696 DSC_0630

Tash is a wonderful mother, the pups are growing quickly and always asleep! 2 1/2 weeks here 

DSC_0994 copy DSC_0017 scopy DSC_1031 scopy DSC_1035 scopy DSC_1073 copy DSC_1078 copy

The Skip x Tash litter at 5 weeks        All sold









Jessarene Cara(Riana Cash II x Karmala Lily) was mated to Karmala Landy late March…..   Cara had 4 pups, one b/t bitch, 2 cream dogs, 1 blue/tan dog. 

This is a repeat mating; Landy is breeding very well and Marina is delighted with his work on goats and cattle  in difficult country. All sold

DSC_0418 copy  DSC_0821



Karmala Lily  was mated to Karmala Wills, April 16   Whelped June 23.

Very disappointing. Orders for five bitch pups and she has one male!


Benalee Mocha(K.Brock x K.Lyndy) was mated to Karmala Changi, April 25  due June 26

Mocha had 6 pups, June 26, 4 dogs, 2 bitches

Changi is a very natural worker, very few commands needed, good nose bite on cattle; Mocha is a stylish young bitch, her first litter is working well. Mocha’s a very useful bitch, correct and stylish in the paddock with good bark and push in the yards. All sold

DSC_0362  DSC_0771 copy DSC_0766 copy DSC_0762 DSC_0851

Karmala Gin Fizz was mated to Karmala Wills, April 27  due June 28

Fizz had 4 pups on July 2, 2 dogs 2 bitches, all placed

DSC_0397 DSC_0395

A few surprises here! Dr. Deb Maxwell explained the white as follows:

“The irish spotting gene that causes the white neck and points in border collies needs to be homozygous to get that pattern – that is both parents have contributed a Si gene each (pup is SiSi). But these pups show a very typical reduced white pattern caused by only having one gene for irish spotting (Si-). Over 50 years I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of first cross collie x kelpies and many of them have these limited white markings, rather than a full white collar and points.  According to statistics 2 pups will carry the Si gene for irish spotting and 2 won’t (inherited, I assume from Wills based on your other comments). Since Wills and Fizz clearly were not reading the stats books there are 3 pups carrying the Si and one probably isn’t. If so, she won’t pass it on. But I did have some collie x Kelpies and some had very minimal white, so may not be easy to know for sure whether she is a carrier, but odds are that with 3 clearly marked, she is not a carrier.”

The correctly marked bitch pup will be run on, the other three are sold, the male with the white muzzle will be castrated.

DSC_0857   DSC_1001 copy

Little Gossip, rhs, at just under 4 mths is working cattle very nicely.


Karmala Gemma has been mated to Wills and is in pup, due July 15.

Gemma has 3 pups, only one bitch, nicely marked black/tans.

DSC_0706 DSC_0702



2016 pups

 K. Vonny( K.Hardy x K.Vie) was mated to K. Calvin Klein, aka Jag on Dec. 21 

   Karmala Vonny has whelped to Karmala K.Klein(Jag) below  

This should be an interesting litter with a 10.4% I.B. index. Jag and Hardy are very similar in type and working ability, calm and strong.

Vonny has 3 pups, 2 dogs(for sale) and 1 bitch that will be run on.



Karmala Heli(B.ChopperxK.Lily) was mated to Karmala Wills(WilsonxBrandy) Jan.30 Due April 2

Heli has 5 pups, all placed

DSC_0013 copy


Karmala Harvey(Riana FinchxTianne Hussey) x Karmala Remy(Riana GlidexKarmala Brandy) mated late Feb. Due May

Remy has a good litter of 7 pups born 1/5/17

This is also a repeat mating. Both dogs have been working sheep out at Nyngan doing the hard yards, indispensable with ewes and lambs…very quick footed, good holding dogs.

DSC_0020 Remandppups

DSC_0267 DSC_0240 copy








Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Lily  

Born Oct 21,’16, 5 pups 3 bitches, 2 dogs

This should be a very good litter combining Lily’s classy work and Wilson’s tremendous ability and common sense. Lil has proven herself a wonderful stud bitch producing good workers from many different sires.


DSC_0811 DSC_0812 copy DSC_0813 DSC_0814 DSC_0815

DSC_0321 Billy




Karmala Polo x Karmala Gin Fizz  Born Oct 23, 5 pups, 1 bitch, 4 boys

Karmala Gin Fizz(Riana Glide x Karmala Kahlua), the dam of this litter, is a very good young bitch working cattle for Emma Costigan at Bracewell, Q. Karmala Polo(Baldwin’s Chopper x Karmala Peggysue), the sire, is a young dog with a great attitude and showing a lot of promise.

The dog pup bellow is Bobby. He’s a nice natured boy and was Emma’s favourite, easy going and a bit more thoughtful! He’s staying with Em and Derek for awhile.

 DSC_0115s    DSC_0281  s




Karmala Landy x Jessarene Cara Born Oct 18, 5F, 2M. Black/tan except for a creamy of each sex.

This is a lovely litter reared by Marina Angel-Smith who owns both parents. Landy is proving a very good sire over a number of bitches, a big, tall dog like his sire Tracker Gibbs, and these are big pups. Cara is a nice utility bitch and proven breeder, her litters by Halsted’s Beezneez and Wilson were very good.




  SoldDSC_0016  Sold DSC_0026


DSC_0034  Sold





Karmala Polo x Benalee Mocha(K.BrockxK.Lyndy)  due early Dec. Mocha has a nice litter of 6 but only ONE red/tan bitch, 3 black/tan boys, 2 red/tan boys  These pups should be stylish workers with a more cooperative attitude than some of my pups!

Dog pups available

DSC_0960black  DSC_0964red

DSC_0098 DSC_0094 DSC_0093 DSC_0074 DSC_0072 DSC_0071

Beautiful pups, I got a bit carried away with the photos!

Here at 6 weeks






Larkings’ Wilson x K.Cherry( ChancexBrandy) due Dec 9 ….Cherry has seven pups, 4 girls, 3 boys

I’m really looking forward to seeing this litter start working, it’s very satisfying seeing the fruit of a lot of thoughtful matings.

Cherry is working for Andrew Ardis at Deepwater Station and he and Cherry are doing a great job with the pups! This will likely be Wilson’s last litter.


IMG_0826 IMG_0815 IMG_0818 IMG_0831 IMG_0836 3boys

The three boys!



Karmala Wills x Karmala Quiz(K.Clyde x Riana Quill II) due Dec.23 

Quiz had 3 dog pups, one survived, a tough little battler.

Mundine Karmala Mundine, 2 1/2 wks





Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Heli(B.ChopperxK.Lily) litter due Aug. 5-6

There has been a lot of interest in this litter as it is doubling up on the Scanlon blood available here.

Heli whelped on Aug.6, 1 red/tan bitch. 1 black/tan bitch, 2 black/tan dogs, 1 blue/tan dog, 1 cream dog. Aged 3 weeks in photo below and doing extra well.

This is a special litter and pups will be run on or placed near at hand. None for sale.

DSC_1068 DSC_1072 scopy

The two bitches are on the left and right in this photo.


Baldwin’s Chopper  x Karmala Lily, pup born early March 2016

This is a repeat mating. John Clothier had this to say about Karmala Heli (from the first mating) after working her on his cattle:

“and by the way you have got to do the Chopper x Lily thing again, this girls a freak cheers john”

Sadly only one surviving pup, a male with very odd coloured hair, he was called Trump but has since turned black so I think it’s better not to label him with such a loose cannon for a namesake! Could be Chopper’s last one, now known as Ace. Last photo at 5 weeks.

March13 - 16IMG_5755 Last Import - 6 of 20


Larkings’ Wilson x Jessarene Cara(Riana CashII x Karmala Lara), pups born mid March

Cara is a lovely young bitch who produced a very good litter to Halsted’s Beezneez with some outstanding pups. She is working goats for Marina Angel Smith at present; Wilson should add a little more natural cast to the mix.

Cara had a nice litter of 8, only one bitch pup a black/tan. 4 red/tan dogs, 1 cream dog, 1 blue/tan dog, 1 black/tan dog.


  • IMG_5921 scopy These two are the boldest and came out first….aged 8wks
  • IMG_5922 IMG_5924 scopy IMG_5925 IMG_5926  
  • Every picture tells a story…”he who hesitates is lost”! Photos taken the morning after they came back from Texas.
  •   At 3 mths, belowIMG_6228


Riana Cash II(Riana Banker x Riana Spin) x Karmala Gemma(Riana Glide x Karrawarra GiftIV) pups born April 16.

This will be my second litter by Cash. His pups from Cadelle were great, very friendly and now working well. I’m looking forward to this litter, Gemma is a sweet bitch to handle but she has a strong nose bite on cattle.

Gemma whelped a day early, April 16, 7 nice healthy pups. 6 black/tans, 1 blue/ tan. 4 girls, 3 boys. Pups are 2 days old in pic on left.

IMG_5816    IMG_5958

Gemma pups almost 3 wks.

IMG_5985 IMG_5989  

Out of the nursery and into the big wide world!


IMG_6161 IMG_6163 IMG_6061s copy IMG_6169 copyIMG_6155IMG_6070 scopy

Cash x Gemma pups 4 wks old. All sold



Larkings’ Wilson x Koomalah’s Dash(Riana Finch x Whitehead’s BindyII)pup born April 18.

Dash is a very natural worker with a happy disposition; she hasn’t done a great deal of work but her previous litter by Tynndyl Hank included some very good workers. This litter should be very handy on either sheep or cattle, goats etc.

Only one dog pup, sold. 

Riana Cash II x Karmala Brandy pups due May 5.

This litter will be interesting! Marina and I hesitated to do the mating as both dogs are very intelligent and the pups will likely be far too smart! Finally decided to try it once, curiosity got the better of us.

BORN MAY 10…Brandy up to her usual tricky self, 5 days late. FIVE bitch pups!



IMG_6264 IMG_6238  

Brandy girls, 3 weeks old

Brandy bunch 6wks

6 weeks, all sold or retained


Karmala Clyde(Driftwood ClydexWoorivale Spice) x Karmala Win(Riana Glide x Karrawarra Gift IV) pups born May 17.

This should be a very interesting litter. Brad Cavanagh’s been working Win for about 8 years and has bred some good pups from her. He has owned Clyde since the tragic death of Peter Whiteman and has mated him to Win with very good results. Win is now 9 and reaching the end of her working life; Brad offered to return her to me in pup to Clyde on a pup swap basis, which I jumped at. This litter will possibly be the last to carry so much Driftwood Clyde influence with a homoz.% of 6.3 to Clyde and an IB % of 15.6. Both K.Clyde and Riana Glide are/were by Driftwood Clyde, a great old sire.

Win whelped on May 15 and has 4 pups, 2 creams, 2 black/tans. Only one girl, a cream.

IMG_6283 IMG_6282 IMG_6210 IMG_6212 IMG_6213 IMG_6215 Win 6 of 7 (1) scopy

Karmala Win and her pups by Karmala Clyde, here about 3 weeks old. Very sadly the two cream pups didn’t make it through the transition onto solids. Something lacking in their gut development; an older bitch who’s had a lot of pups…a real shame. 


  • Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Quiz pups due June 18.

Wilson is leaving very nice pups with good natural work. Quiz is in much better shape than when she whelped her last litter so I’m hoping for some nice bitch pups. She should provide a wee bit more push to the mix but is a nice classy worker too.


It’s now the start of June and Quiz is looking very slim…sadly! She’s lost a lot of weight and had a CS last time, so a rest will do her good.

Quiz surprised me with ONE dog pup, b. 18th! Known as Red Fred and now owned by Brenton Allport, this pup is turning into quite a character.








****ALL PUPS BELOW ARE SOLD or retained****

Tracker the Chief x Karmala Kahlua, pups born Aug.4, 6 bitches, 1 dog, all back/tan

This should be a good litter, Chief is well known as an exceptional dog on cattle and Lu just keeps on learning and improving, she has been working cattle exclusively.

The pups are an extremely even lot, very nice pups and should breed on well as this is a double cross of Chief.   No pups available.

11219004_10154165285833032_5389063272604076514_n-2  thumb_DSC_1639_1024 

Karmala Brock x Karmala Lily, Born Aug. 8 all black/tan, 5 girls, 2 boys

Lily is proving herself an outstanding brood bitch and bitch pups from this litter are in demand. Pups should be classy calm workers with great natures and work ethic. 1 dog pup available…Brick is a very nice boy and will grow into a big dog. Loyal and sensible.

IMG_4130 IMG_4528   IMG_5028 end Nov - 27 scopy

 Karmala Brick(Brock x Lily) 4 mths, for sale…is working: shows a lot of potential   SOLD

Riana Cash II x Karmala Cadelle(Tracker Gibbs x Riana Delta) due August 15th.

Deli whelped on Aug. 8. 8 pups, 2 fawn bitches, 4 black/tan bitches, 1 blue/tan dog, 1 black/tan dog

Cash has been breeding consistent workers from Riana and Karmala bitches, his last litter from Karmala Lara(Tracker GibbsxKarmala Lily) was outstanding, the pups are now working in WA. Both Deli and Cash are very loyal and stick to you through thick and thin. These pups are the same, they have great focus as can be seen from the photos…which equates to a great will to please in their work as they mature.

Cash is an exceptional dog and a proven sire, he has way-above-average intelligence.

No pups available.

IMG_4744b scopy

IMG_4943 IMG_4946 

The two bitch pups for sale…SOLD

Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Brandy due August 17. Brandy whelped Aug. 17, 3 boys, 1 girl

Wilson left some outstanding pups from Peg, and I am really looking forward to this litter. Brandy passes on her high IQ to her pups! These pups should be classy paddock dogs with enough strength for cattle.

As these pups mature I’m finding they all have very individual traits which I’m sure will affect their working styles; they are almost old enough now to be shown stock, so we’ll see. Winnie is an extremely active, switched on little girl, maybe a bit too hyped up, but with a lot of class and cover. Bilson is super friendly and would do anything for you. Wills is a lot like Wilson, strong, independent, sensible; I’ll keep him and run him on. Wilco is the typical big casting type, he’s working the others in the run with distance and style and isn’t too worried about getting any attention from me except at feed time. An independent thinker with the potential to work without commands. Interesting pups.

IMG_4042  IMG_4210 4 brandies

Bilson, Wills, Winnie and Wilco aged 6 weeks. 

IMG_5367 IMG_5370

Bilson (L)sold and Wilco(sold) at 5 months. 


Baldwin’s Chopper x Karmala Peggysue due Sept.30th

Peg has a nice litter of six but only one bitch pup, a black/tan I’ll keep. There are 3 black/tan dogs, a cream dog and a blue/tan dog. A good opportunity to pick up a potential sire! These pups should be very effective workers on sheep and cattle. I have just posted a short video on Chopper’s sire page showing K.Heli(Chopper x Lily) working cattle at 10 mths. She is an outstanding pup. Her litter brother Timber has been working cattle on his own since 5 mths of age. It seems unlikely that Chopper will sire any more pups, so this litter will be watched carefully.I am going to run on the bitch pup Poppy and the cream boy, Polo. 


16 Oct 30 - 68 IMG_5449

                                 Karmala Polo, 3 mths, will be run on.                                                                                                       

Karmala Harvey(Riana Finch x Tianne Hussey) x Karmala Remy(Riana Glide x Karmala Brandy), pups born Oct.10

Remy had 6 pups to Harvey, 5 bitches 1 dog. There are 3 red/tans, 3 blues/fawns

Both parents have been working for Ron Robb at Nyngan and are well recognised for their outstanding ability on large mobs of sheep. They are natural workers with great cover and footwork. I have been looking forward to this litter which was planned some years ago. Harvey has a very good cast and also works cattle. These pups should be outstanding sheepdogs….Ron says it’s just magic watching them yard big mobs of ewes and lambs. 

I drove down to Warren and collected these 5 girls, Nov.20. Lovely friendly pups, well socialised. 


Remy pups

Remy pups dec 29 - 22 scopy

The Harvey x Remy pups at 3 mths. The black/tan bitch is K.Poppy(Chopper x Peg). The two fawn bitches are sold. The blue pup Rev has been retained.


Larkings’ Wilson(Scanlon’s Dom x Baldwin’s Polly) x Karmala Lara(Tracker Gibbs x Karmala Lily) pups born Oct.16th

 Lara has 2 pups to Wilson, 1 black/tan dog, 1 black/tan bitch.

 IMG_4923   IMG_5232 scopy

                                                                        Wilga and Winkle, 8 wks

Lara bred very well to Riana CashII when she was with Marina Angel-Smith in WA but seemed to be upset by the big move over to Q’land and only raised two to Wilson. Winkle, the bitch pup, is for sale Feb. photo.IMG_5504winkle IMG_5798Winkle in mid. April ’16 sold.


Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Quizz pups born (C/S) Nov. 1st, 3 dog pups survived

I am very grateful to Tony Parsons for allowing me to breed a litter from Karmala Quizz(Karmala Clyde x Riana Quill II) the dam of Karrawarra Shadow III. She had six pups by Caesarean and sadly lost the two bitch pups and a cream dog. The three dog pups are doing very well and are super friendly, great characters. The cream pup K.Zorro is sold. He’s a very strong, bossy boy. I’ll run on Buzz(red/tan) and Squizz until they start working.

IMG_5421 IMG_5430 IMG_5433 scopy