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The stud is situated about 40 km south of Toowoomba near the historic village of Nobby, famous for Rudd’s Pub;  here Australian writer Arthur Hoey Davis, better known as ‘Steele Rudd’, wrote some of his well known Dad and Dave stories. The old house where he lived is just down the road from Karmala.

Established at Lake Bolac in the Victorian Western District, the move to the Downs was made in 2001 when Jan ‘retired’ from farming. This move necessitated an adjustment in breeding emphasis to suit the Queensland market’s demand for dogs that can work cattle as well as sheep.

Foundation dogs were chosen from lines of clever mustering dogs and sires are generally chosen from dogs performing well in testing conditions. This is very important, as there is insufficient work on a small property to fully assess dogs.

Healthy puppies grow into healthy dogs...these pups are already sharing their mother's food. Matt's team IMG_3493 Mel&Gcr

September 2019

First day of Spring! I had about 18mls last week so hopefully things will start to green up a little. Surprisingly there’s still a tinge of green with the paspalum and bluegrass. Both are usually badly frosted but although we’ve had some very cold mornings there hasn’t been enough moisture to actually freeze and kill plants, apparently.

Shearing the day it rained, I should have done it earlier (a week later howling winds had evaporated the lot!)

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