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The stud is situated about 40 km south of Toowoomba near the historic village of Nobby, famous for Rudd’s Pub;  here Australian writer Arthur Hoey Davis, better known as ‘Steele Rudd’, wrote some of his well known Dad and Dave stories. The old house where he lived is just down the road from Karmala.

Established at Lake Bolac in the Victorian Western District, the move to the Downs was made in 2001 when Jan ‘retired’ from farming. This move necessitated an adjustment in breeding emphasis to suit the Queensland market’s demand for dogs that can work cattle as well as sheep.


All the Karmala sires I am using have tested clear for CA. Top row, Brock, Landy, Wills.

All bitches have also tested clear of CA or are bred from clear parents.

There’s a lengthy CA discussion in the May 2020 post.

3 sires

Foundation dogs were chosen from lines of clever mustering dogs and sires are generally chosen from dogs performing well in testing conditions. This is very important, as there is insufficient work on a small property to fully assess dogs.

Healthy puppies grow into healthy dogs...these pups are already sharing their mother's food. Matt's team IMG_3493 Mel&Gcr

February 2024

January wasn’t a good month, we lost Gibson while mustering. He was taking a short cut across a dam to head some cattle and cramped and drowned. A huge loss, his pups so far have been outstanding but he was only 2, so opportunities limited. We bought two bitches to mate to him because I was very anxious to get some pups and most of ours are related. Although that wasn’t such a great success in retrospect we do have two bitch pups by him that wouldn’t be here otherwise. We also have a younger brother Cruise who looks very nice, and I was offered back a litter sister to Cruise through family circumstances making her available. But an absolute bummer.

We have a nice young bitch for sale, see Pups for Sale.  https://youtu.be/XM8ua8f-SZI


I still have some nice pups from previous litters, mainly boys; not too worried about the Barney boys who will be ready to demo on sheep at Beef Week. Beautiful pups, great natures. There’s also a Gibs boy Simpson, out of Sheps Sandy and Karoo, pic below.

The Barney x Clover litter is lovely, hard to pick a favourite. Four girls and two boys. One of the boys is a very smart, calm little fellow. It would be great if he makes the cut later on because we did this mating to give options unrelated to Brandy/Wills. He’s the little boy with the green collar. 


The two bitch pups by Gibs, Sandy annoying Naka and Sun, from Elwanvale Sunny.

Karmala Hackett(Barney x Mina) and sister Trickett(below)

Karmala Katya/Pip(Barney x Naka)has gone down Tumut way to work.

Karmala Karoo, a brother to Katya.

Pardon(Wills x Midnight) is heading up to Cairns.

Kava, another Barney x Naka girl is off to my old hunting ground near Wickliffe.

Kava, another Barney x Naka pup. Very sweet girl, would fit in anywhere. For sale.

We didn’t mate the last couple of bitches who came on heat so there will be a break in pups available this year, the pups to bitches mated in autumn won’t be ready to go until late winter… so if you’re looking for one before then there’s a choice of very nice males.



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