Driftwood Clyde deceased

Riana Cash X Riana Tara

I was fortunate to get a litter from Spice by Clyde. He was 12 years old at the time. Karmala Clyde (left)was retained and has been used by several studs. The other three pups went to Outlaw, Kirckaldy and Marionvale kelpie studs.


A lovely old dog who retained a lot of old blood close up, Clyde has had great influence on the stud. Regarded as a ‘special’ dog at Riana; his genetic legacy in this stud is invaluable; Riana Glide and Riana Delta Dawn are both by Clyde and his son Karmala Clyde is the sire of B.Chance who has two daughters here, Karmala Cherry from Brandy and Karmala Jewels from Gemma. 


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