Karmala Clyde (dec)

Reg. A3M 13855-05, DOB 21-7-2005
Driftwood Clyde X Woorivale Spice A nice dog with beautiful footwork and lateral movement. Has the natural distance off his stock that is typical of Riana bred dogs. Clyde was a dog who needed a lot of work when young, which was why I let him go. He was sold by Adam Wheeler to Peter Whiteman who was managing a large property at Quilpie. Clyde impressed with his work in these wide open spaces, in fact the term used to describe him was ‘awesome’! After Peter’s tragic death in a plane crash Clyde went to one of his former jackeroos, Brad Cavanagh, now managing a big sheep property near Merriwa. I have a lovely son of Clyde’s called Benalee Chance out of K.Lyndy. Sadly he tried to strangle himself with frayed carpet thread from his bedding when 7 months old; I had worked him the day before for two Swedish visitors(who were very impressed) and it was his impatience to be let out while I was being hospitable cooking their breakfast that led to the disaster. $900 (to the vet) later he is fit and well but blind; the way he is managing is incredible, and visitors don’t believe me when I say he can’t see. The little I saw of him working convinced me to try a bitch to him; he was stronger on his stock than Clyde and has the same light-footed action. Chance has proven himself as a sire and can be found under “Sires”. Clyde has proven a useful sire and has been used by Peter Austin(Kirkaldy), Pat Murphy(Karrawarra) and Bill Scott(Stockman’s) that I know of. Peter has a nice cream dog by him from Karrwarra Nessie. I had hoped to get a bitch back from a Clyde daughter K. Qing(Pride) by Stewart Oates’ dog Karmala Rook but she followed the school boat during the floods and disappeared. 54KClyde Karmala Clyde 378 Clyde&Qing Karmala Clyde and his daughter out of Riana Quill, K. Qing(aka Pride). 892Mav&Clyde Migaloo Maverick and Karmala Clyde in 2013, photo from Brad Cavanagh.