Karmala Vlad(Barney)

(Driftwood Boondi x Karmala Vonny)WKC Reg. 65955

Barney is owned by Lynnton Martin, who was my first puppy buyer after I moved to Queensland over twenty years ago. Over that time we’ve worked together to breed the same type of natural mustering dog, and when he told me about Boondi who was bred by Clayton Hegarty, I decided it would be a good idea to mate him to Vonny, who has a lot of old Riana lines. Barney was Lynnton’s service fee and has proved a very useful member of his team. Lynnton contracts stock work of all kinds, so needs versatile dogs. 

I’ve used Barney as a sire previously and am very happy with his pups.

Videos of him working are available on Lynnton’s Facebook page Tynndyl Kelpies.

Barney was mated to Koonamara Nakara early Sept. 2023 and they got on extra well!