Karmala Wills

KARMALA WILLS  WKC Reg. A3M29204    DOB 12/8/2015

Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Brandy

Wilson x Brandy  click for pedigree 

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Wills is probably the best dog I’ve bred to date. He has tremendous natural ability and innate stock sense, as can be seen in these videos of him working with Arthur Crumblin. Arthur rates him right up there with the best Kelpies he’s worked with over the last fifty years or so. 

Wills and his half sister Wings(WilsonxPeggysue) both drop into a lovely relaxed trot when working, a great energy saver and an indication of a cool head….a trait they’ve inherited from their sire.



This Suffolk ram had arrived the day before and gave Wills something to think about. Arthur remarked on how he stretches his head and shoulders up to look taller when the ram confronts him…it works! The day before an old X bred ewe had bashed Wills against a tree, but he ignored her and didn’t take his eyes off the mob…

I’m very reluctant to let dogs go out working in summer so have kept Wills here and mated him to Quiz and Win as insurance(late 2016). Quiz reared one pup, Mundine, who’s shaping up to be one to watch. Win missed, but Heli has a nice litter of 5 by Wills(b.4/17). In May 2017 I sent Wills up to Emma and Derek Zeimer for some cattle work, also to mate Fizz and Gemma. These pups should be very interesting. Wills has adapted quickly to cattle work and is impressing with his ability.

Although totally absorbed by sheep and work after he ‘switched on’, Wills has matured into a friendly, loyal dog and good mate. He has an amazingly good temperament, allowing little Frank(8mths) to do what he likes with him.