Tracker Gibbs and Tracker Storm, his litter brother
Gibbs and Storm....dogs' eye view
Gibbs and Storm

Tracker Gibbs deceased

WKC reg. A3M 19662-10 DOB 8/03/10

 gibbs web

Sire: Tracker The Chief
Dam:Karrawarra Ruby Tuesday


Gibbs was a dog bred by David Hart, and would have been the most impressive young kelpie I’d seen for some time. He was physically a near perfect type and had a lovely calm way of working his stock, doing only what was necessary with plenty of strength and brains. The photos below speak for themselves.

  K.Cadelle was retained from a mating to Riana DeltaD and has proved herself a handy bitch, she is due to whelp to Riana CashII, Aug. 2015.
In 2011 Gibbs spent some time here while David Hart was overseas and I mated him to Lily, Brandy and Peg.

I have retained K.Kahlua(from Brandy) and she has reared two good litters by Riana Glide, she is due to whelp to Chief Aug. 2015. K.Gin Fizz from her first litter is a very good bitch. 

Karmala Landy came from the mating to Lily and is the image of his dad. After working for a couple of years for Matt Bignell, Landy came home and I swapped him for his sister Lara who was with Marina Angel Smith in WA. Lara had reared two very good litters to Riana CashII and I plan on mating her to him again in 2015. Marina and Bob have since moved to Q’land which makes things a lot easier!

Tragically Gibbs disappeared while mustering wild National Park country in late 2013.

Landy is a very reliable sire and it looks like my Wills bitches are breeding extra well to him.