Tracker The Chief deceased

WKC reg. 50497 DOB 2006

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Riana Glide X Pud’s Sookie

The Chief was bred by David Hart by Riana Glide from his bitch Pud’s Sookie who was by Richard Puddicombe’s great old dog Pud’s Signature. This is how David described her shortly after she died:

“Sookie wasn’t too much of anything other than straight common sense. On cattle she would cast to where she had to be with minimum effort, whether that was 50 meters on a flat or 3 kms through a gorge, but she would get there and control stock. Chief has a much nicer more classic “Riana” style cast and is not at all short.”

Chief has nice walk up strength and is a calm dog. when he was only a year old I watched him get a huge lantana wrapped bull out of a creek bed and was most impressed. As he’s matured Chief has developed into a very clever dog with excellent stock sense. He’s breeding on well and has left good pups from Riana Delta Dawn, Capree Lara and Karrawarra Ruby. David now has the next generation working. One of David’s best bitches is Tracker Sooki(ChiefxRuby); after losing Gibbs mustering David fitted tracking collars on his dogs when they were working in steep bush and was blown away by the manner Sooki covered country in a grid pattern.

Sean Barrett recently described The Chief as one of the best dogs he’s seen. Sean has helped David muster cattle on Oakwood and has seen him working in almost inaccessible country.

Chief’s influence in this stud is through Tracker Gibbs and Karmala Midnight.


Tracker ‘The Chief'(Riana GlideXPud’s Sooki) has a win.

Litter brothers(Tracker the ChiefXKarrawarra Ruby Tuesday) aged 15 months, Tracker Gibbs(right) and Tracker Storm.
While Gibbs is Mr Cool, using mininum energy to do the job, Storm is typical of the Karrwarra dogs, stylish and intense.