As I type this Heli is wondering what’s about to happen…she looks rather surprised that she doesn’t feel like eating her tea! Pups should be born tonight. I usually feel pleasantly expectant when a bitch is about to whelp, but this is a special litter and I’m quite nervous.

You just have to trust old Mother Nature and remember that birth is a totally natural function! It was tragic that a lovely young woman died in Queensland recently after an elective Caesarean birth….enough said.

STOP PRESS! Heli had 6 lovely big fat pups on Aug.6, 2 girls, 4 boys.

I’ve received some great photos from clients this month, here are some from Jenny James at Hidden Valley Station, NT

IMG_1638HV IMG_1640HV IMG_1677 HV IMG_1686HV IMG_1650min IMG_1651HV IMG_1664glow

These are three of the dogs from Karmala.

The latest edition of Dogs Naturally Magazine, an American publication, has an article on vaccinations which only serves to make me more sceptical of the advice of most vets. You might like to Google and read the whole article, otherwise here are a few pertinent points. It was written by an experienced vet, Patricia Jordan, DVM., who became disillusioned with the profession and has written books about her concerns.


….immunology expert Ronald D. Schultz, PhD. who has spent more than 40 years studying animal vaccines, goes on record as saying veterinarians don’t have any business recommending vaccines; he is referring to the lack of education, training, and experience veterinarians have with vaccines, vaccinology and immunology education. He goes on to say “Neither do their teachers at the veterinary schools.” His reasoning is clear; none of them have experience, training or education in these topics.


In 1978 Dr. Schultz first published the directive not to repeat vaccinations. Repeating vaccinations will only increase the chance of adverse effects.. ..  this advice went unheeded and untaught to the majority of veterinarians. It still does.


It is the corporations that we were to get into bed with. They seduced us in veterinary school with free pizza and textbooks, free product, and even money, known as scholarships. This seduction continued through our professional associations, which allowed them to sponsor through heavy educational grants, the nutrition and vaccination guidelines for for veterinarians.


At national conferences we saw  that these corporations infiltrated deeply into the veterinary schools…sponsoring our professors’ labs, their research and their talks


Corporations have bought the mouths of our academics_ people who haven’t spent a single day in the trenches, in the front line, in practice. From this lack of education to the pushing of marketing disguised as science or evidence, we find that the products themselves have only been tested by the very company that stands to profit from their sales.


There are no active post-marketing monitoring systems in place to track what really happens to pets after they are treated with these products. 

(I have personal experience here where I used a supposedly safe flea treatment on a pregnant bitch and all but one pup died over a period of about a week. When I contacted the company they admitted that it hadn’t been trialled on pregnant bitches.JL)


When you independently make up for all the deficits in your expensive veterinary medical training, you venture out on your own to learn about nutrition and the immune system. That’s when you find the key to what’s wrong with the majority of our patients. It’s the administration of unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations and the dys-regulation of the body’s immune system.

When I discovered these truths, it revealed the glaring lack of information on the immune system, vaccines and vaccinology. I saw that we have all been bamboozled with the glitter of marketing and its sponsorships, scholarships and free product.


The average practice makes 15 percent of its income selling vaccinations, 10 percent of its income from peddling inappropriate commercially processed foods but then 65 percent of the practice income stems from the handling of the vaccine induced diseases which are not limited to multiple autoimmune diseases and cancer. Then veterinarians can step in to sell toxic chemicals to treat the parasites that the animals’ dys-regulated bodies can no longer fight. This is a great job security racket created by dis-easing our patients, marketing unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations,  feeding them inappropriate commercially processed pet foods to repeat the cycle of ill health….all under the umbrella of preventative care and nutrition.


Of course this is in America, but I see very little difference in Australia. There was a TV programme on precisely this matter last year but the follow up mysteriously failed to appear! Below find a list of sponsors of the 2016 National Conference of the AVA…sadly the pretty coloured logos didn’t copy over from their website!

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The same type of thing is happening in our medical schools and hospitals, I’m afraid. Big pharmaceutical companies have suppressed many useful, low cost cures simply because they cannot be patented and they can’t make millions from them. The only options offered for cancer treatment are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy all very high cost options. Other countries, e.g. Germany, are prepared to accept multi faceted treatments including natural therapies.

So…one C3 vaccine should be sufficient to protect your dogs. The vets are starting to sell a ‘3 year’ vaccine now the matter is becoming public. It’s just as cheap to get a titre test done to check anti body levels as it is to repeat a vaccination, sometimes cheaper. The more diseases the vaccine is designed to protect against, the greater the danger of adverse reactions. A raw diet and programme with homeopathic nosodes gives equal protection. The above mentioned Dr. Schultz called canine respiratory disease a non-vaccinatable disease; often lymphoma occurs after vaccination with Bordatella vaccines.

We are lucky to have such a healthy breed as the Working Kelpie. It is in the exotic climate of pure bred show dogs that enormous problems are presenting, but we should take this as a warning. My only bitch who had been away working and had annual boosters, died of lymphoma last year. If you need to put your dog in kennels or ‘day care’ you will find most require annual boosters; shop around, talk to the owners, and ask if a titre test will suffice. Dog owners need to become proactive and change things themselves!

Back to more cheerful matters. Polo(ChopperxPeg) has been over at Leyburn with Arthur for a few weeks. He says he’s a lovely dog, and wishes he was still doing contract work so he could give him more experience. Of all the dogs I’ve bred, Polo has the nicest nature and has never caused me any grief. To quote a term I don’t often use, he’s “compliant”! I’ll be picking him up tomorrow and will take some video of him  with Arthur. 


Wills, Wings and Brandy, who is changing her coat and getting back into shape after her last litter.