February 2019

Well despite it bucketing down around  Townsville for days there hasn’t been a drop here over the past month! If ever we should learn a lesson it’s from this ‘weather event’. Fish dying by the tonne in the Murray-Darling system and fresh water metres deep running out to kill the Reef up north….surely human ingenuity can find a way to blast a hole through the mountains and redirect the excess down south? I think the Chinese probably would have found a way some thousands of years ago!!

Meanwhile back in kelpie news…..the bitches are coming on heat en masse, silly girls. I wish they’d spread things out a bit! Poppy(Chopper x Peg) led the charge and I took her to Chris Rickert’s excellent dog Glendon Max. Chris has worked Max mainly on cattle but he’s one of the nicest dogs on sheep I’ve seen. Moves beautifully and only does what’s necessary. Chris ran cattle in rough country near Maa Maa Creek and Max did some outstanding work over there; he’s out of Boanong Electric(Boanong Buster x Karra. Gift IV) by Glendon Wally. Gift is my old foundation bitch, dam of Tilly, Lily, Win, Gemma etc. She had a year with James Dudley as a youngster.

Breeders Assistant for Dogs - Karmala Landscape

DSC_0171  DSC_0177  DSC_0170

Yesterday I went up to Woolooga to pick up Wills (below) as True(Landy x Riana Trixie) was ready to mate; he didn’t waste any time and obliged next morning. 

DSC_0272AA copy2


Judging by the nice pup I got from Grant Hutchings as a service fee (Wills x Eventine Lolli who is x Landy)I think the Wills and Landy combo could be a winner. Eventine Grace, below, is a special pup, so smart.

DSC_0055 (1)

Whitney(Wills x Heli)’s last litter by Landy is also very interesting, so she’s next cab off the rank…back to Landy this week hopefully.

A pup from her last litter, K.Lefty, is with Mary Faulkner in Tassie and did well at a Gary White school last week. Works nicely with distance but also wants to back and topknot without encouragement. Both Wills and Chopper were very handy in the yards, loading trucks, etc. as was Landy.



Lefty at school

His sister Livvy is a lovely type of bitch with a very cheerful attitude to life, below


Wings is also coming on heat and I’m sure having her fave boyfriend back will hurry her up. She likes Wills despite him hooking out a couple of her lower incisors in a scrap…you can see them missing in this photo!

DSC_0240 Acopy

Heli’s Brock litter is thriving, she’s settled down into a wonderful mum and is even helping feed a surprise… a tiny bitch pup by Wills born to old Karmala Quiz, Tony Parsons’ old girl. This pup is over a week old now so will hopefully survive; Quiz has a badly worn out mammary system with only a couple of teats still working.

DSC_0119  DSC_0120  DSC_0121

The Brock x Heli pups had a mixed reaction to  solids!

DSC_0114                                                                       Tiny little Wills girl with Quiz.


DSC_0117     DSC_0110

The Wills x Bimber litter is doing really well and have started to leave for their new homes. This little bitch has gone down to Angaston in SA. I have a few free loading maggies at feeding time.