February 2024

January wasn’t a good month, we lost Gibson while mustering. He was taking a short cut across a dam to head some cattle and cramped and drowned. A huge loss, his pups so far have been outstanding but he was only 2, so opportunities limited. We bought two bitches to mate to him because I was very anxious to get some pups and most of ours are related. Although that wasn’t such a great success in retrospect we do have two bitch pups by him that wouldn’t be here otherwise. We also have a younger brother Cruise who looks very nice, and I was offered back a litter sister to Cruise through family circumstances making her available. But an absolute bummer.

We have a nice young bitch for sale, see Pups for Sale.  https://youtu.be/XM8ua8f-SZI


I still have some nice pups from previous litters, mainly boys; not too worried about the Barney boys. Beautiful pups, great natures. There’s also a Gibs boy Simpson, out of Sheps Sandy and Karoo(Barney x Naka), pic below.

The Barney x Clover litter is lovely, hard to pick a favourite. Four girls and two boys. One of the boys is a very smart, calm little fellow. It would be great if he makes the cut later on because we did this mating to give options unrelated to Brandy/Wills. He’s the little boy with the green collar. 


The two bitch pups by Gibs, Sandy annoying Naka and Sun, from Elwanvale Sunny.

Karmala Hackett(Barney x Mina) and sister Trickett(below)

Karmala Katya/Pip(Barney x Naka)has gone down Tumut way to work.

Karmala Karoo, a brother to Katya.

Pardon(Wills x Midnight) is heading up to Cairns.

Kava, another Barney x Naka girl is off to my old hunting ground near Wickliffe.

Kadi, another Barney x Naka pup. Very sweet girl, would fit in anywhere. For sale.

We didn’t mate the last couple of bitches who came on heat so there will be a break in pups available this year, the pups to bitches mated in autumn won’t be ready to go until late winter… so if you’re looking for one before then there’s a choice of very nice males.