January 2024

A new year and not a droughty one despite the best efforts of the BOM! I hate them predicting a big dry because that might be all some need to chuck it in; there are probably a few dry patches left in Queensland, but many more have had very good rains. The last two shires to be drought declared areas bordered Cameron’s Corner and the map hasn’t been updated since Nov. Which could be good news or just disinterest in rural affairs! And commiserations to those who have had far, far too much, with all the destruction these big storms bring. Heart breaking to lose everything, especially just at Christmas. 

So to dogs. It’s been pretty hectic mixing feed for over twenty pups and a relief that they’re now big enough to have one of their meals consist of bits of chicken frames or wings, and duck necks(as a treat!). If I’m lucky I get enough lamb flaps and briskets to spare some of the small flap ends as well, but usually feed the softer chicken bones. They look great on this regime, it’s very satisfying to see them developing both physically and mentally. 

Barney x Mina pups, above. Dyna with some of Naka’s below.

Part of the Gibson x Sandy “desert” litter Stony, Tanami, Simpson, Tirari and Sturt.

 Owner of these 3 kelpie boys, Nik Roufos, is an arborist and the dogs go to work with him. Recently the two older boys have been going to Charlie Brincat’s Herding Clinic where they’ve been starring. Centre are K.Tweed and K.Twill both Whip x True. The cream boy K.Vodka hasn’t “switched on” yet but he’s only seen sheep once; he’s a full brother to K.Vamp who’s one of the nicer bitches we’ve bred. The older pair are three years old. The boy on the right is also a registered Working Kelpie.


Had some fun with one of Mina’s girls who is proving way smarter than her siblings. They all have swimmers’ names as Mina was named for Mina Wyley, one of the first Aussie women to represent us at an Olympics with Fanny Durack. Libby Trickett is living up to her name! After a series of adventures, see pix … easier than typing… I put her in with Naka’s lot where she’s settled very happily!  What a character. They usually keep on getting out once they start, but maybe the night on her own in the big whelping kennel taught her something.

There are quite a few pups heading off with Neil’s Pet Transport on his first trip south for 2024. John Clothier is now down near Merriwa and enjoying working sheep, he did well in a trial too; he’s getting a couple of nice boys to start, Karoo and Sinner. Brock is also going down to help out a young fellow working on the same property; he’ll love working again. John had him as a youngster for some time on cattle.

K.Sinner(Wills x Midnight)  

  K.Kazoo (Barney x Naka)

Dyna and Sao are leaving for new homes, and the cream Naka boy is heading to Leeton to join a couple of young Karmala ladies. A little vid of Glaze putting Sandy’s bossy little piece in her place…nicely! Click on 111 below. This is the only bitch pup from the Gibson x Sheps Sandy litter and the only one we’ll get from Sandy as she’ll be spayed after having such bad mastitis…so we called her K.Sandy.


While the bigger pups have been consuming most of my time Clover’s six have been SO easy, they haven’t even complained about the heat! Sandy’s were particularly heat-sensitive but were also in a different kennel. Wire mesh flooring seems the best in heat, I use a holey rubber mat over it for sleeping and just put vet bed in when it’s a bit chilly at night. A few years ago who would have thought of checking the projected night temp. on your phone when feeding up?! The heat seems to have cleaned up any fleas that survived my TLC. They were bad last summer which was much cooler and damper.

We don’t have any bitches mated at present so I’m hoping to get a few days away when most of the Clover pups have gone. Wiggle and Vamp will likely be the next bitches to cycle.

I’d like to wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2024!

May your dogs work well and you remain Top Dog!