July 2024

We’ve had some nice rain to start July off, welcome for the forage cereal crops. Very cold nights without any cloud cover, so we’ve had a few warmer ones lately. This is one of the flattest rainbows I’ve seen, driving into Clifton yesterday!


The last month has been busy with little pups and also big ones. I have three of Mina’s last litter, now eight months old because I like them too much to sell them at present. Also the Clover boy Van, six months, whose future is a bit hazy still. He’s such a character. Sandy went to an old mate, Andrew Blanch, where she’ll get heaps more attention and be able to settle down. She has a lot of confidence, was bowled over a few times by this wether but didn’t back off. She should be a valuable worker on cattle as she has a nice natural stop when it’s needed.


Creed has gone out to Tallwood to Bill Harris where he’ll enjoy working more sheep. We get to the stage where the young ones coming along put a bit of pressure on the older dogs. Bill’s brother Sid has Ginny, a Wills x Gemma bitch and recently mated her to Landy.

Meanwhile Mina whelped to Sid(Gibson x E.Sunny) mid month, seven strong little pups. She’s a great mum. 


Livvy has done well with her nine and understandably got a bit overwhelmed by so many, so I’ve tried to keep her happy and they’re almost weaned now.

Started on solids at 2 1/2 weeks and with the help of Marina’s magic “healing mix” of herbs they didn’t miss a beat. Some have a stronger food drive than others…this one took to it like a duck to water!!

They grow so fast, as I go through the photos to post here I’m amazed at the change in a few weeks.

These photos taken at six weeks.

The Ralph x McKenzie pups are gradually leaving home, a nice friendly, uncomplicated litter.


From left, Fraser, Jake, Grace Harris, McGurk. Stokes went early, he was a climber!

Sass is due to Keswick Coin on July 14. Photos of Coin with Karmala Klim/Bravo.

I’ve been getting some nice feedback about pups sold last year which is lovely. I’m thinking about selling Hackett because I like Perkins’ relaxed, easy work better, he also has a big bark but only at stock feeding around his kennel. Hackett has more eye and it can be harder to get his attention. 

Perkins   < click for video.

Hackett 19 june < click for video

We’ve had some great sunsets during June and some very cold mornings, down to -2′.