June 2023

Winter already. We’ve had a few frosts and the back lawn is covered in leaves; pretty until it rains and they go black and yucky! As a little kid during WW2  I loved kicking the big plane tree leaves along as I walked around to visit my auntie in Ballarat; lovely to see Frank and Rose also loving them, Frank makes straight for a rake but Rose carefully chooses a favourite to give me.

The shade is great in summer, but I’m finding a couple of the puppy yards are a bit too shady at present, so deciduous trees are good. We had a nice rain mid month which has cheered up the farmers, and my neighbours are harvesting their crop of pickling onions at present, a rather smelly operation!

The wet year in ’22 has loaded the eucalypts with blossom and after a preliminary foray into the pepperina I’ve had flocks of rainbow lorikeets visiting every morning for breakfast.


The last litters of pups are gradually making their way to their new homes and some recently sold  older ones are pleasing buyers with their work and personalities. Below is Bright(Wills x Sunny) who is finding he’s good at this cattle work despite not being too keen on working sheep anti-clockwise!


After quite a bit of hard thinking Em and Derek decided they had too many Wills x Midnight bitches and Maddie is heading out Longreach way to work goats. She’s a real sweetie but a strong minded girl.



This is Karmala Poss/Josie in her new job, settling in well.Definitely multi talented!

It was nice to catch up with John Clothier who has moved down south into the cold country near Murringo. Neil Blackburne(Neil’s Pet Transport) dropped off Karmala Virginia Woolf(Brock x Livvy) to him last week. I’m finding the service from Neil and Jodie excellent, they go that extra ‘mile’ to help. John used to run Christmas Creek Thoroughbred Agistment and has been using Karmala dogs for some years. Ginny, below L, and Jazz and Travel who are working for John’s daughter Bec.


I was looking for a video in my messy archives and came across this photo of Lefty and Lofty as pups. Lefty had a run in a yard trial in Tassie yesterday and I spoke to his owner Mary Faulkner last night. One of my all time favourite photos.


While we’re down south I’d like to tell you about this nice Karmala bitch being offered at Casterton next week by Matt Johnson…Karmala Twiggy (Karmala Whip x Karmala True). She was bought by Peter Allen originally. Matt does mainly yard work and feels Twiggy’s being wasted at present.

There’s another video which shows her work a bit better on my Karmala Kelpies Facebook page. She’s be a good investment for a breeder looking to outcross to some mustering lines.

I’ll come back to this later, it’s hard to get photos across from my phone. Will post what’s done so far!

OK, pups. The worst news for the month is Naka missing to Landy after two trips to Silver Spur with her! Marina and Bob think Min is in pup to Landy so I’m not sure what’s going on with Naks.

Em came down with Sunny’s litter, nice pups almost ready to leave home. She has her eye on a nice little bitch.

The Joaker x Sass boys are starting to disperse, two left last night. Nice pups.


The Comet x Midnight girls are an interesting litter. Em took the two boldest pups home and Cody has since collected his girl and the Joaker boy.

Little wreckers!

Pups due this month, Polly around June 15, Wiggle at the end of the month, and Min in between.

I’ve just lost 3 hours’ work here and replaced it with an abridged version!

Keep warm and keep tuned!