May, 2018

I can hardly believe a month has passed since my last news. Time flies when you’re having fun, and I have plenty of puppies here at the moment to keep me on my toes….and smiling….although feeding hay so early isn’t a laughing matter. It’s terribly dry and I’m selling some sheep.

This morning Phillippe Rolland and his wife from New Caledonia, who are importing two pups, came to meet them. The pups collapsed under the morning tea until it was time for the visitors to leave and looked as they also needed sun glasses when they woke up!

DSC_0392 copy DSC_0396S


Phillippe has used Australian Cattle dogs but is changing to Kelpies for working his Limousin cattle.

Lots of choice for people looking for a pup at the moment, with pups available here at Nobby and also up at Calliope with Em and Derek Zeimer.


The youngest litter up north (below) is by Wills, who is breeding some very good pups…and making sure we remember the sire by branding some of them with a skinny white snip!  These are from Tracker Poppy(T Chief x T. Clancy).

31891076_2125832580981888_6813488577381400576_n Wills x Poppy      

The litter from Fizz by Karmala Neon also has a few snips. This should be a top litter for cattle.(below)

31949478_2125820317649781_5854327551601672192_n   31890866_2125822114316268_7096749895414972416_n




The other litter is from Frank’s favourite bitch K.Bimber(Polo x Fizz) by K.Brock. I’m looking forward to seeing these work.

Bim pup  Bim pup2  Bimpup copy  Bim pup3

Pups here at Nobby for sale are from three litters also:

Karmala Wills x Karmala Gemma, seven lovely little black tans, great job by Gemma rearing these.

Last Import - 51 of 103 Last Import - 45 of 103 Last Import - 43 of 103 Last Import - 39 of 103 copy Last Import - 34 of 103 Last Import - 32 of 103 Last Import - 20 of 103 Last Import - 21 of 103

The last two pups are bitches and will be run on, the others are for sale.

The litter by Brock from Vie(K.Landy x Riana Trixie) are also very happy little pups with great appetites…which makes life easy. Below

Last Import - 54 of 103 Last Import - 8 of 103 Last ImportS - 75 of 103 Last Import - SS62 of 103 copy 2 Last Import            F - 82 of 103 Last Import - 73 of 103 Last Import - 83 of 103 copy Last Import - 85 of 103 Last Import - 89 of 103 

The third litter I have here is an exciting one too. K.Whitney is a very good young bitch combining the blood of both the old Scanlon blood dogs I used, and the pups are by K.Landy who is breeding on very well. Below

Last Import - 83 of 145 copy Last Import - S73 of 145 copy Last Import 6p- 80 of 145 Last Imports - 39 of 145

I’m getting through plenty of bones and meat at present as you can imagine!

Coming along very soon is a litter from Pushemup Bindi(Karrawarra Ben Hall x Riana Rinnie) by Karmala Billy(Larkings’ Wilson x Karmala Lily).

Needless to say I decided I wouldn’t be mating any bitches for the next cycle….. when Emma tells me Karmala Poppy is coming on heat! Pops is by old Chopper from Peggy Sue(I only have two bitches by him) and we’ve been waiting for her to come on for ages. She was injured and has come good after a lot of Chiropractic work. She’ll be mated to Wills, can’t miss out on this one! Poppy’s been working cattle and has developed into a very handy bitch.I love this photo of her with her old dad.

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