May, 2024

Wonderful Autumn weather, enough rain, good sorghum crops coming off, this one right opposite my front gate…God’s own country.

I really don’t know why they have such big machines for approx 2000 acres, especially when the weather allows a nice window of opportunity, but it didn’t take long…they probably do some contract work too.

Just back from picking up Sass. Stan Hughes was kind enough to give her a ride back from Rocky and I took Hackett down for some training .
Sass will be mated to Keswick Coin, she’s coming on heat now(May6).
The litter born a couple of weeks ago, Eventine Ralph x Karmala FloMcKenzie, is doing very well, eyes opening early, lovely pups.
1  <Click here on “1” for puppy vid!
Only one little bitch which we will run on for a bit.
Livvy is due to Keswick Coin in a couple of weeks, looking forward to them.

Mina’s been mated to Sid, a young dog who is impressing with his mature attitude. He’s by Gibson, the lovely dog we lost last year. Mina is leaving some very good pups so can’t wait to see this lot work!
 A short video of Sid taken second time on sheep. I spent ages trying to get the Youtube vid to play here without luck. Next morning it worked first go. Technology drives me nuts! Usually I’m told my own videos are too long but this one worked, pity I didn’t try it first…
I took Cassie to Stan Hughes for some training, she’s a nice young bitch (Comet x Midnight) vid below. Just needs to grow up a bit more and she can go and do some real work. Stan was going up to the Beef Week Trials and Sale so Hackett had to wait, he’s next in the queue for some training. I like the pups to get away for some independent assessment, and have been missing Arthur’s wise words.
My favourite Barney x Naka boy,  K.Karoo has been sold to Don Kneebone, who wasted no time in taking him to Adam Miller for some training. He looks to have settled well and will soon be looking for a few challenges!
Roo’s sister Karma is a lovely pup, she has eye and style but also a lot of strength. Exciting, been waiting for a special one from Naka.
Karma                                                             Perkins..a bit of a favourite at present.
Michael Croft has Klim/Bravo, a litter brother to Hackett and Perks, this is him second look with Michael..
 13 <Click here for the vid of Bravo.  Nice pup!
The wrens had a second hatching of three and mum and a young brother have been flat out feeding the demanding little devils! Very entertaining, they’ve been coming a lot closer in the food hunt.
I get Dogs Naturally as an email every day. This morning I thought WHAT?! Puppies doing yoga??
Not quite….

Italy’s Ministry of Health has banned “puppy yoga” classes, saying only adult dogs should take part in order to protect the health of animals as well as the safety of attendees.

In a note circulated on 29 April, the ministry said it was aware that organisers often “borrow” puppies from breeders.

But because puppy yoga “improves wellbeing” it should be considered as a kind of “animal assisted therapy” – which by law can only be carried out by fully grown animals.

Puppy yoga typically involves puppies roaming freely around a yoga class and sometimes being incorporated in yoga poses, or a yoga class followed by playtime with the puppies.

The ministry asked regional authorities to carry out checks to ensure puppy yoga classes do not take place.

In a statement, Italy’s National Board for Animal Protection welcomed the decision.

It quoted dog expert Giusy D’Angelo as saying that puppy yoga was a “physically and mentally stressful experience” for the animals.

She also said that attendees risked getting carried away and adopting the animals.

And here I was thinking they were worried about the puppies’ joints being damaged!