August News

This month will see the next batch of pups arrive, and Kahlua has excelled herself! SIX girls and one boy! The demand for bitch pups is much greater these days and I usually have more boys born. Well done Lu!

This litter is a very interesting one, Tracker the Chief over his grand daughter…Chief is widely recognised as one of the most talented dogs around, so I look forward to seeing these pups working. Lily is next cab off the rank and already I have bookings for a number of bitch pups….so I hope she cooperates! Brandy is next, but if she’s up to her usual tricks anything could happen….even a false pregnancy! The next litter are the Riana CashII x Cadelles and ‘Deli’ is looking huge with weeks to go. Hopefully Chanel will follow her with a nice litter to Wilson.

You will be seeing a revamped website this month, as I type this I have almost finished swapping over and updating information. My old one got a bit out of hand with my random updates, and some sections morphed into totally different areas from those originally intended. I was told recently that it was more like a book than a website!

I hope you all enjoy the ‘sliders’ at the top of the pages which certainly show off the dogs better. You should find it a lot easier to navigate your way around.

I was most fortunate to find Mat Larkings two good old dogs bred along Scanlon lines last year.  Chopper was bred by Frank Scanlon’s grandson Bob Baldwin who has been very helpful filling me in on the dogs’ breeding. Lily had three nice pups to him last year.

Josh Lines, Crystalea Kelpies in SA, reports that his ChopperxLily pup Mack is going really well. Hopefully he’ll live up to expectations and can be used as a sire later on. His brother Timber is doing well with Emma and Derek Zeimer. Heli, the only bitch in the litter, is being handled by John Clothier; she’s a nice leggy type, athletic and loves jumping up…will likely back later. She loves working cattle.

The second of Mat’s dogs Wilson is a lovely paddock dog with a huge cast. He’s out of a full sister to Chopper(Polly) by Scanlon’s Dom. Mat found a growth in his mouth so I thought it wise to mate Peg to him while he was still fit. Cast is probably the Kelpie trait that is disappearing over the last few decades. Mat is very impressed by a young bitch by Wilson that he’s working at present. He has very generously allowed me to keep the dogs here over winter for some more matings.

The great thing I am finding with the two old boys is the way they are throwing consistently to their own individual physical type. Hopefully the pups’ work will follow that pattern. Bill Scott took his little cream bitch home with him a few weeks ago, and mine is developing into a lovely leggy type.

I took Peg and Chopper over to Ice Age Breeding near Laidley last week to see if Ron Newland could freeze some semen from him. Unfortunately the quality wasn’t quite good enough for freezing so Ron used it in Peg. I am really lucky to have a Camelot Farm accredited centre so close, they are famous world wide as being the best available.Ron is confident of the quality improving if Chopper gets plenty of TLC.

Mark Wendelborn called recently on his way home from a great caravanning trip and we enjoyed watching Wilson working my rams in a masterly fashion. As an added bonus his daughter Wings decided to have a go for the first time and she looks very promising. Mark is very keen to send a bitch up to Wilson, he said he was the best dog he’d seen for many years. On his way south he helped Matt Bignell do some sheep work and was full of praise for K.Gemma and Telford’s Tally(Delta’s g’daughter) who worked solidly in the yards. Mark had Tally in Victoria as a pup, she recently starred on the front page of the Courier Mail!

Tally 1SLI