November, 2017

Another month gone and another year older! I’m not usually keen on birthdays these days, but considering that this time last year I was a bit doubtful about having another one…I’m not complaining! 

October was a great month for rain, between 5-6″ here which was a bit higher than most around me. There were two nice heavy showers just on feeding time that others seemed to miss. I finally got around to marking the lambs this week and they’ve done very well since the feed came away. Lovely soft skins and silky wool like their sire, an Alfoxton ram. I gave them a light mules to make life a bit easier for my shearer and to be honest, the green rings on the ram lambs is far more upsetting than mulesing with pain relief. You have to wonder how many of those against mulesing have ever seen it done.


 Heli produced a nice litter of six  on Halloween, a couple of days early. She had a great time digging a big crater to whelp in, luckily a large rock balancing on the edge stayed put! Three of each sex.

DSC_0154   DSC_0155

The Skip x Tash pups have been a delight and are now about 6 weeks old, my favourite age.

DSC_1078 copy DSC_1073 copy DSC_1035 scopy

DSC_0017 scopy DSC_0994 copy DSC_1033AA

The pups with the tan border around their ears will turn into saddle marked dogs eventually, like Skip. I don’t have a good photo of him but Ron sent some video of him working a big mob of over 1000 lambs.


Lily is just coming on heat so I’m guessing she’ll be followed by a few more….some hot puppies coming up, I’m afraid!