November News

A very expensive start to this month with Karmala Quiz having a Caesarian this morning! I sold her to Tony Parsons as a pup and she has bred some nice pups for him; I’ve been keen to get a litter from her after losing her mother Riana Quill II to a snake.

Tony has been feeding her too much for too long and she’s well over weight, so I took her for an x ray a few days ago to make sure there wasn’t a pup left behind if she whelped normally. The vet said 5 pups but he’d consult his mate who’s more expert. She went two days overdue so I took her in for a  C.S this morning….I asked a few questions after they found 6 pups in there! “Oh, Louis said his friend reported there were five for sure…..and maybe more!!”

Pity they forgot to mention it to me, but as it turned out I’ll be asking for a discount on the operation! The pups are by Larkings’ Wilson, 4 dogs and 2 bitches. 

Lara’s litter to Wilson has been disappointing with some very small pups; obviously upset by her move over from WA and most likely losing Marina’s TLC into the bargain, Lara has taken time to settle here. Hopefully her next litter will be back to normal as she’s been a very good brood bitch in the past.

My August pups are growing up and going through that noisy, argumentative nonsense they seem to get over after about 10-12 weeks. There are three confirmed escapologists who are keeping each other company in the high security yard! Lovely pups, wish I could keep more here. 

Ian McNamara and Lee Kelly called in after they visited Nobby on Oct.29 to meet Akubra, who made sure he got plenty of pats from them. What a smoocher! I first met them in the 80’s when Ian opened the ASBA Melbourne Sheep and Wool Show, so we had plenty of catching up to do. I think Ian is as disillusioned with the “new ABC” as most country folk. I very much doubt the management realises that for  most Australians away from the metropolitan areas the ABC is their only radio contact, and their only link with the rest of the country while they go about their daily work.

David Hart called on a trip down south and we enjoyed watching some of the youngsters that are coming through our breeding programmes. His big pups that have been travelling and working with him were noticeably more settled and respecting David. My youngsters haven’t had so much good experience but their work is nice. Sass and Sally, litter sisters by Brock from Chanel, are looking good with plenty of class. Wings is super keen and got tired of running around a fence so jumped it to get to the head; she’s chasing it too much, no doubt from getting hyped up in the run. Mocha is calmer on stock but not as calm off them!