DSC_2038 DSC_2069Spring has sprung, time to smell the flowers!! Only three months of this strange year left to run, but I doubt hanging up the new calendar in January is going to change a great deal, as some seem to think. Hopefully La Nina will arrive to cheer us up as well, it would be wonderful to get the groundwater resources well and truly topped up and all the dams filled again. We will hear a loud, collective sigh from regional councillors when that happens! Carting water to large towns isn’t a viable option.I haven’t had much time to dwell on the issues dominating the fickle media of late, with nearly four dozen puppies to deal with! It was hard for about a week, made worse by hay fever medication, but I decided sneezing was better than feeling half asleep and have been fine since. The two oldest litters are almost dispersed with only two left to fly to WA next week. There will be three pups retained from that batch of 14.

Next to go will be most the 15 pups by Landy from Tash and Whitney, photos below, and the True pups.

IMG_0400 (1)   IMG_0399 (1)   DSC_2013




Below are some photos of the Brock x Gossip pups including little Bassey who thought she was a monkey! Bimber took the others for a walk over to the woolshed which they took in their collective strides.


27 September 2020 - 1 IMG_0396 (1)IMG_0361

Bim is due to ISIS(Wills xMidnight) on Oct.7th.

The Changi x Heli pups have done really well, a very nice, friendly lot, some pix below.

IMG_0079 IMG_0085 IMG_0084IMG_0069IMG_0068



My lovely Naka has been very sick with some mystery toxicity, we think. On the mend now, just reducing the Prednisone … gradually, will know better in a couple of weeks if she’s fully recovered. She had a very high temp that didn’t respond to ABs.

I had a visit from Emma and Derek Zeimer and Frank a couple of weeks ago. They brought Midnight and Fizz down with their pups and (thankfully!) took home three youngsters including Nav and Wiggle. I still have Dolly here, just been AI’d to Wills and will be off to SA soon. Wills is fertile again, which is great news, but still unable to mate a bitch because something odd is going on with a hind leg. Frank enjoyed the True pups.  UPDATE: he mated Dolly 2 days after the AI!!


IMG_0225 IMG_0214 IMG_0212

A Wills x Gemma bitch pup Give went down to Arthur for a couple of weeks, nice girl, we both like her a lot. Her sister Ginny will come down when Midnight and Fizz have weaned the pups. Photos of them below…


IMG_0288 IMG_0317

Oct. 13   No rain this month, it’s back to the stage of allocating water to the most needy plants, some trees are looking sad again. Fingers Xd for some good rain very soon.

The first Landy x Whitney pup left this morning. Her new owner is a retired vet, and he commented on the health and evenness of such big litters. I’m very happy with all these pups. Even the little bitch who was almost frozen one frosty morning and thawed out in a warm bath my handbasin grew into a beauty…. and is now in WA, no more frosty starts for her!!!

Cass has had a big day, very friendly & not scared of anything.
Very cuddly,  she will fit in nicely  , all the other dogs like her.

Very pleased with her as she was happy to go to sleep on my lap watching TV which she found fascinating.