October 2022


  • Where did September go?! It certainly doesn’t seem like four weeks since I last updated here. As the rain falls…again…it’s a good chance to sit inside for a change with Macca keeping me company on a Sunday morning.
  • Pup numbers are decreasing again with some of the Sunny, Cara and Heli pups travelling to their new homes. Lovely to have a few of the boys finding nice owners too. Probably only two more litters this year, it will be nice to ease up a bit on making pup mince. We’re hoping Fizz will pop out a special last litter to Wills, it’s always exciting to see how inventive they’ve been with the colours!
  • This boy has been mated to Wiggle, fingers and toes crossed. Karmala Remix(Mick) has been ticking all the boxes and his owner recently turned down a hefty offer for him. From Remy by Halsted’s Wally, he has a heap of natural ability and is very mature for his age. Thanks to Jack for such a great photo. 
  • We’ve been trying to take a bit of pressure off Mick with summer coming up, and Tash and Bimber
  • have joined him; Wiggle is still out there as well, the girls will be having some catch up time. 
  • McKenzie has been an amazing first time mum, so much so that the pups are still eating very little solids at 5 weeks. I’ve had to restrict her time with them a bit. Looking forward to how these work, the next generation of breeders starting to make their mark. Em and Derek have a high opinion of Blye and were anxious to get some pups by him…no doubt influenced by my dire tales of good dogs coming to sad ends before leaving anything.

  • I’ve run on three of Livvy’s last litter to Barney(K.Vlad), I can’t make my mind up which bitch pup to keep and the cream boy is here until Barney’s last creamy from Heli starts to work for Lynnton. I’m enjoying them, they’re great pups.
  • Vamp on the left is blue with a lot of cream coming through around her neck. Venus, centre, is a funny black with a tinge of brown(and grey eyes). Delpie Pip is good mates with Valid. She scared me by disappearing for 24 hours, I just found her this morning….locked in my container, and quite happily camped on a heap of vet bed up on a shelf, she didn’t want to come down.  I learned that containers are soundproof!
  • This is Reba(Cap x Pax) who has just gone to Arthur for some training. She’s showing nice style and distance; hoping she has enough confidence to cope with discipline.
  •  I also have a couple of boys we hope to enter in the Rocky sale next April and one maybe at Wagga.
  • K.Nabba(BrockxNaka) below and K.Capstan(Cap x Wiggle). The same evening I completed this blog Nabba decided to ‘switch on’ and did a nice job rounding up my sheep and keeping them together; about 35 including lambs. He didn’t let a lamb break out and worked with common sense; a bit of distance but also knows how to work a wing to move them. Fascinating to watch and a pity I deleted the bit of video by mistake, but I did get a lovely photo walking down to catch him!
  • The Ace x Heli girls have been a delight, a couple have gone. 
  • And the Boss x Midnight mob are very confident, nice easy pups.

The last Tash pups have gone with the exception of K.Whendy, the ‘keeper’ in the centre. She’s shaping up to be a clone of mum!


It’s been a bit hectic the last few weeks with three canine boarders but always entertaining. I had a Landy boy all ready for a new collar, lead attached, when I was ready to put it on him Pip had beaten me to it and was trying to take herself for a walk! Never a dull moment. She’s showing interest in sheep so will be sold!


A couple of lovely photos sent to me of recently sold pups.

I’ve been enjoying the canola over the road, nice and cheerful, quite a novelty up here.

Apologies for the black dots, I have no idea how to get rid of them but I tried!